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August Arrests from the 21st to the 31st

8/21/2022 Nioce, Jane R 33- Driving under the influence

8/22/2022 Coversup, Matthew L 47- Driving under suspension

8/23/2022 Sandoval, Gabriela 36- Driving under suspension, Hold for other county

Crockett JR, Glenn L 53- No license, No proof of ownership, fictitious plates

8/24/2022 Shipley, Eric 33- Failure to appear, Hold for other county

8/25/2022 Perry, Matthew 32- Failure to appear

8/26/2022 Rodiguez-Ramirez, Victor 42- Driving under suspension

Hicks, Kenneth 38

- Failure to appear

8/27/2022 Henderson, Cheyenne 26- Driving under the influence

Bowen, Ben 26- Failure to appear

Brown, Aaron 26- Hold for other county, driving under suspension. fraud-

impersonation, false reporting, obstructing a peace officer

8/28/2022 Bullard, Sommer 24- 3rd degree assault, Terroristic threats

Doerr, Phillip 28- Hold for other county

8/29/2022 Adamson, Courtney 42- Driving under suspension x2

Kirkendall, Michael 57- Driving under revocation

8/30/2022 Tackett, Curtis 49- Driving under revocation, driving with no insurance

8/31/2022 Peters, Dylan 23- Theft by unlawful taking $5,000+, Criminal impersonation,

Unauthorize use of a motor vehicle

Tosspon, Skyler 40- Conspiracy to commit a class 1 felony x2, conspiracy to

commit a class 2 felony

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